Kid's Christ Centered Combat

Kid's Christ Centered Combat or KC3 is a TaeKwonDo class for children ages 6 and up. KC3 aspires to work together with families to help their students grow to become well-rounded individuals through teaching not only self-defense but also teaching respect, the fruit of the spirit, self-discipline, confidence, and other skills that will last a lifetime. 

KC3 classes are held Saturday at 10 am and Thursday at 6pm


Christ Centered Combat

C3 is a Combat Hapkido class that teaches practical, real-life techniques that could save your life! We teach joint locks, anatomical targeting, groundwork, and so much more! C3 is for teens and adults. 

C3 classes are held Saturday at 10 am & 11 am and Thursday at 6 pm

Adaptive Martial Arts


Proud Member of the AMAA

C3 is a proud member of the Adaptive Martial Arts Association. The Adaptive Martial Arts Association (AMAA) is a resource for students and instructors to gather and share ideas, curriculum, and other adaptive training information while promoting disabled inclusion and helping to break down martial arts training stereotypes associated with the disabled.

Our Pledge to You

 C3 is a proud disability-friendly organization.  We are committed to training anyone who has the desire to learn martial arts. Each instructor has years of training and experience working with people with a variety of special needs. No matter the need, we believe everyone is capable of learning martial arts. We pledge to make learning martial arts a reality for you. Please give us a call if you have questions or concerns about getting started with the program.