- Sam Murphy -

Founder and Lead Instructor


Mr. Sam is the founder and lead instructor of Christ Centered Combat. He is a certified instructor of the International Combat Hapkido Federation and the Independent TaeKwonDo Association. His passion for martial arts and teaching is evident in every class.  Mr. Sam is also the Pastor of Christ Centered Church.

Over 18 years of experience


Mr. Sam has over 18 years of experience both practicing and teaching martial arts. His gifts as a teacher are shown in the growth and commitment of his students. 

Black Belts


Mr. Sam holds a third degree black belt in Combat Hapkido and a second degree black belt in TaeKwonDo. Mr. Sam continues his personal training because he believes it betters the school and his ability to teach his students. 

Assistant Instructors


 Mr. Sam trains the assistant instructors to help in class. Each instructor has their own unique skills and varying levels of experience.

Send us a message and come meet the instructors who will help you in your martial arts training. 

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 Each assistant instructor loves teaching and helping the other students.  Ms. Kendra, Mr. Peyton, Mr. Michael, Mr. Sean, Mr. Rudy, and Ms. Caitie all put forth the extra work and hours to teach and continue their own training.